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Whale Watching Tours

City : Mirissa

Month : October - April

City : Trincomalee

Month : May – October

City : Kalpitiya

Months : March - April / November - December


3 – 5 hrs at Sea

Morning with snack pack proceed to Fishing Harbour. The Boat will leave from harbour at 06:30 hrs, start your journey with the Whale watching team in the boat. Spend 3-5 hours at sea to see Whales, Dolphins and different kinds of fish.

Note: This is a seasonal Tour. If you are planning to travel in the above mentioned period, you can add this expedition to your main tour itinerary.


Festivals - Pageant

Kandy Esala Perahera (The Esala Pageant)

Season: July /August (high peak season in Kandy)

The Esala pageant of Kandy is a grand festival for ten nights in Sri Lanka. This Historical procession is held annually in July and August in the Hill capital of Kandy. Hundreds of caparisoned Elephants and youth dressed in elegant costumes, seen marching along the road is a unique sight for the Locals and Foreigners. The Procession consists of historical and traditional dances held to pay homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. During this Perahera Pageant, the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is housed in a golden casket and carried by the ceremonial Elephant tusker on its back. The festival ends after ten nights with the Traditional ritual called Diya Kapeema meaning “water cutting ceremony” held at the Mahaweli River in the morning of the 11th day.

Note: It is a high peak Tourist Season and many locals and tourists gather to witness this festival. Therefore, seats to see the festival and hotel bookings should be made early to avoid regrets.

Navam Perahera (Pageant)

Season: February

The Navam Perahera Pageant is held annually in February for two nights. It shows the religious and cultural traditions of Sri Lanka. Hundreds and hundreds of people in white carrying Buddhist flags and numeorus Dancers perform the different types of dances prevailing in every part of the country and the drummers exhibit their skills performing in various kinds of drums. A Hundred caparisoned Elephants march in style which is a unique sight while the Sacred relics housed in a casket are carried by a majestic elephant on its back which is also a wonderful sight to witness.

Note: Tickets should be purchased early.

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