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Health Holiday Nature Treatment with indigenous medicines and herbal therapy massages. Ayur means Life, Veda mean Science. Ayurveda is a science of life. It is a natural healing science.
6, 13, 20, 27 Days
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The procedure for the Ayurveda treatment is given below: On the first day, the guest would have an initial consultation with the inhouse Ayurveda Physician. This would be of about 15 to 30 minutes duration. During this consultation (“Prakurthi“), equillibrium and imbalances of the 3 Ayurveda “Doshas“ (Air “Vata“, Bile “Pitha“ and Phlem “Kapha“) of the individual guest is identified by the Ayurveda Physician. Thereafter, the Ayurveda Physician will prescribe a treatment procedure, a Diet based on the food values according to Ayurveda concepts, Yoga exercise regime and meditation to be followed by the guest. Thereafter, there would be a daily follow-up consultation of 10 minutes duration with the Ayurveda Physician who would decide whether to continue with the same treatments, alter the treatment duration, or to change the treatment methods.

There would be a minimum of 2 ½ hours of Ayurveda treatment per day and the treatments would consist of a combination of the following:

Shirobyanga - to nourish the scalp and enhance growth of hair

Shirodhara - to induce sleep and release stress

Picchill - to soothe and relieve inflammatory conditions of the scalp

Parisheka - to relieve burning sensation of the body

Abyanga - to impart strength, good complexion and longevity and to relieve fatigue and induce sound sleep .To relieve aches and pains, ease muscular spasms and muscular rheumatism

Mukabyanga - to nourish the facial muscles and to improve complexion

Ayurveda Face Paks - to cleanse, moisturize and soothe the skin

Akshitarpana - to use a special eye bath to nourish the eyes and enhance eye sight

Netraparisheka - to cleanse the eyes, soothe and cool irritated eyes

Netrapindi - to place special medicated eye packs to soothe irritated eyes and to nourish and relax tired eyes

Pinda Sweda - to induce sweat, remove stiffness of joints and make them supple, cleanse body channels and to invigorate and restore by the application of a special procedure of sudation

Parisheka Sweda - to produce sweat and cleanse the body of its toxins

Avagaha Sweda - special sudation for lumbago, sciatica and to relieve renal pain

Naadi Sweda - to direct regulated steam to localized areas to relieve pain by means of a special apparatus

Kuti Sweda - (Sauna) to reduce weight used with care under the supervision of the ayurveda doctor

Steam Bath - to reduce body weight and fat, the body is made to sweat in a special chamber made out of medicinal wood

Herbal Bath - to alleviate certain skin disorders, remove toxins and relieve pain. It refreshes and invigorates the human body

Pebble Walk - to bring about reflex reactions of the sole to stimulate and tone-up internal organs. In addition, daily yoga lessons are conducted

AYURVEDA. More Life to your years… More years to your life….

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