A traditional wedding in Sri Lanka is a ritual in which two people are united in marriage by taking mutual vows to spend their lives together before the religious priests who preside over the wedding ceremony in the presence of the couple’s family and friends. It can be also done in front of a registrar of marriages with two witnesses to sign to confirm the legal oath undertaken by the couple. A true Sri Lankan wedding is a celebration of love and partnership and would also carry a legal and religious significance as well. Most Sri Lankan couples believe in the importance of religious significance in asking for God’s blessing upon a marriage.

A usual Sri Lankan wedding involves not only the couple getting married but an exchange between the couple and their community of family and friends. At the ceremony, the couple vows to be together to support each other in good and bad times equally till death and not to be separated by anyone or anything and simultaneously thanks their community gathered for the occasion for supporting and loving them. Weddings are commonly held in hotels, churches, homes and even outdoors such as beaches and beautiful landscapes in Sri Lanka.

Travel Destinations of Weddings

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital city is an interesting blend of varying influences. It has been a cosmopolitan city for more than 600 years.