Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a popular recreation in Sri Lanka. Scuba divers wearing equipment that assists to explore the underwater world are seen across the coast of the island. Scuba diving is very safe in many parts of the island and there are many places to learn this sport. All the basic skills to be a safe scuba diver can be learned within the course of three days.

While scuba diving is a recreational sport and a profession practiced around the world, Sri Lanka is seen as an ideal destination for those who indulge in it. Divers can be categorised as diving instructor, recreational dive master, commercial diver, police diver, scientific diver, military diver, bay watch diver etc.

Scuba diving gives the unique opportunity and enjoyment for one to experience the underwater world found around the island, a world so far removed from human beings that it will truly amaze you beyond imagination. Scuba diving in Sri Lanka is a great way to enjoy the mysterious underwater world, whether you want to relax while photographing brightly coloured tropical fish, be thrilled by the power and grace of a group of sharks, whales or dolphins or simply relax underwater.

Travel Destinations of Scuba Diving

  • Hikkaduwa is a tourist haven situated 16 km away from Galle. This town is very picturesquely situated on the lovely South Coast and is one of the Island’s best Beach Resorts.
  • Mirissa is famous among tourists for its lovely sandy beach with relaxed and picturesque environment. It is a secluded bay lying about 5 kms from Weilgama.
  • Trincomalee is a district in Sri Lanka situated 258 km away from Colombo on the east coast. It is the finest natural harbour in the world.