Ayurvedha Herbal Therapy

"More Years to Your Life - More Life to Your Years"

Ayurveda meaning "Knowledge of life" is a natural healing science from India and Sri Lanka, originating some 5000 years ago.  It evolved through man’s observation of man and plants.  Its focus is to create a balance in body and mind through diet and lifestyle with herbs and natural remedies.  Each individual has a particular natural energy pattern known as DOSAS which are described as VATA - body movement: PITTA - digestion and metabolism; and KAPHA - body fluids and structure.   When all are in balance, you feel good and healthy and are immune to disease.   You do not have to be physically ill to benefit from AYURVEDA, which is recommended for those who seek inward balance and harmony; a long and healthy life; body rejuvenation; and for healing specific ailments.

AYURVEDA is known particularly in Asia and is rapidly becoming known in the western world as an effective, gentle system of natural, holistic treatment and one which leaves no side-effects.  It is a way of life to make you feel light, tranquil, stress-free and yet filled with zest and vitality to enjoy life.

Travel Destinations of Ayurvedha Herbal Therapy

  • Bentota, is a well known tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, situated on the southern tip of the Galle District of the Southern Province, approximately 7 - 8 km (4.3 – 5.0 mi) south of Beruwala on the A2 highway.
  • Sigiriya is located 165 km away from Colombo, 77 km from Anuradhapura, 66 km from Polannaruwa, 91 km from Kandy and 109 km from Trincomalee, in Sri Lanka.